The Travel Café

Scrumptious food with a dash of

The Travel Cafe was born with a vision to create a space where like-minded travelers can come together, meet and chat over a cup of coffee. Placed in the same building as Tag Along Backpackers’, it is home to warm smiles and some very earnest food and bakes imagined by the team. You can also pick up the in-house guitar or Ukulele and strum to your heart’s delight!


From time to time, you'll witness impromptu gigs at the cafe by local or traveling musicians, cook-offs and potluck dinners with the traveller family that Tag Along has made over the years. Sometimes, artists are seen sketching away lost in a world of imagination, and sometimes tattoo artists and tarot readers decide to grace us with their presence. It is always LIT at The Travel Cafe!


Comfort food, is the mantra we swear by. That, and creating our recipes from scratch. Whether it is our flagship, hot selling burgers or our falafel wrap, we try to bring to you food that is sourced locally and prepared in-house. Every morning, before we start the day, we bake buns and prepare basil, avocado and meat mixes. When you eat here, freshness is not something you’ll need to worry about. When you’re in, you must order either our Burgers, or the Spaghetti with Meatballs, or our Epic Hot Chocolate. You will not go back unhappy!


The girls have fond memories with first ovens, first waffle makers and the first times that a cake came out well. Hence, this place was going to be a reflection of that emotion. At the Travel Café, you won’t find boutique cakes lined carefully with icing or fondant. Instead, the place is all about chocolate chip cookies and butter cakes with twists that bring back fond memories of home baking by mothers and grandmothers. We’re here to remind you of warm sunny afternoons spent baking in the kitchen, licking batter off the spatula!


Months before the cafe was functional, Manisha and Bhavana struggled with the stress of waste generation that a food joint is capable of. Reduce, reuse, but what was the plan? Cheese, butter and sauces would invariably come in non-recyclable packaging. But impact could be created if a few small measures were put in place. The first strike from their dream cafe was - cutting off junk like tissue paper for tables and plastic straws, repurposed and up-cycled furniture and menu boards. Come see us to know more about this initiative!


The Travel Store is full of souvenirs and accessories, sourced from homegrown Sikkimese brands and artists. You can buy mugs, notebooks, postcards, posters, flavoured tea or local chillies from Tapestree Sikkim, Yacon Syrup from LivEarthier, Sikkimese hoodies from DangerBudo, Pickles and Wines from local producers, and mementos and souvenirs made by our friends and family. Send memories back home when you travel, or just send some local Sikkimese vibes to someone you love!